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Travel Story


My journeys, recited below are in memory of George Frederick McDougall (my great-great grandfather) and other brave men of days gone by, who with their lust for adventure and understanding of nature have made it possible for us to travel in comparative security across the high seas and open planes of our planet.

Robbie Conder 1967 -

Introduction (part 01)

During the 1840’s the explorer Sir John Franklin lost his life in the Arctic while trying to unwrap the icy cover (continue here )

Introduction (part 02)

Next April the sun returned and so did the morale of the men but the ice refused to thaw (continue here )

Motor bike accident 002

An accident under the English drizzle in central London changed yet again the direction of my life. An existence, which was going through too many alterations, (continue here )


Buying a camper 003

The next few weeks were spent in and out of the hospital and insurance office. A road accident normally welds these two together, following the same line as my skin and clothing, each one helping to the final goal, something new. (continue here )

Driving through France and Spain -


Arriving in Portsmouth two hours before the departure of the ferry, gave me the time to buy a ticket, put the tea on and kick back until loading time. (continue here )
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