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Lots of room for your car, caravan, boat and household belongings

Sometimes we don't know where to put everything.. It's called running out of room, If you are in this part of France and need to find a bit more space, you could be moving house and need somewhere to to put your belongings for a few months, the surfboard does not fit in the car for the journey home or the extra car does not fit in the garage here you have an option which could be useful.

Here you can stock (for a price!) in a dry individual box. The building is covered by CCTV, giving you piece of mind when you leave your belongings in storage for a period of time.


Stock-Option Medoc in Vendays-Montalivet: you will find boxes for rent where you can stock in a clean, dry and secure Storage your belongings.

If you need to store: Your Boat, a vehicle, a caravan, a surfboard or two, or just declutter your garage we may have an option for you . Even if you live in Carcans, Pauillac, Margaux, Vertheuil, Listrac Medoc, Hourtin, Lesparre, Cissac-Médoc, Talis, Grayan-et-Hopital, Vensac, Verdon-sur-Mer, Begadan, Valeyrac, Queyrac, Naujac or Soulac-sur-Mer