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Cissac Medoc Guide

Cissac Medoc Cissac Medoc is found deep in the the medoc vineyards about 50 km north of Bordeaux just off the wine route is famous for the Reggae Sun Ska festival which runs during the" first weekend of August during the warm summer months.

The village surrounded by vineyards boasts 6 chateaux including: Chateau de Fontesteau, Chateau du Breuil, Chateau Cissac, Chateau Lamothe, Chateau Larrivaux, Chateau Villambis and the church of Notre Dame de Cissac with its Roman origins.

Activities in the Cissac Medoc region

reggae Yes reggae is the word for the first weekend in August.

The village with its population of 2000 people fills up with over 20,000 festival goes, tents can be found hiding in the vineyards, the local campsite overflowing into the fields on either side.

Walk down the street and people wearing the red, green, yellow and black can been seen selling their wears, a beer and sandwich bar in the back of a car... a few tee-shirts or a beanie. This summer we are lucky the program posted includes : The Herbaliser, Patrice, Horace Andy and Babylon Circus in the lineup

 rasta festival Security is tight to get into the festival, before the rastafarian vibe takes over driven by the beat from one of the concerts running throughout the weekend. Clothing and rasta accessory stands can be found at the entrance, here with the "moneycrash" the prices are cheap. You can find a few deals if you are looking for reggae t-shirts, sweatshirts or a beanie for men and women.

The beer tent situated at the back (with a rather difficult beer ticket system) leads to the only problem; only 6 toilets for 20.000 people... you can imagine the mess!

Travel and transport in the Cissac Medoc region

ChateauThe railway station of Pauillac has connections all year to Bordeaux St Jean (It will take you a 15 min car drive from Cissac Medoc).

Travelling to Cissac Medoc by car from the north; leave the A10 at Saintes (J25) follow signs for Royan. Find the Bac (ferry). Crossing of the Gironde is about 30 min. Watch out for queues in high season. Follow the N1215 to Lesparre, then the D204 before taking a right turn after Lugagnac signed Cissac-Medoc. By car from the south, leave the Bordeaux ring road (junction 8). Follow the D 1215 passing St Laurent Medoc, before turning right about 4 km north after the village signed Cissac Medoc.

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