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The Republic of France

France the country of wine
France situated on the western coast of Europe is blessed with a temperate climate and four remarkable regions offering an endless choice of enticing destinations, a rich diversity of landscapes, cuisines, climates and an exceptional cultural heritage.

Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mediterranean Sea, Pyrenees to the south, English Channel to the north and the French Alps to the east.

France Morzine La Palme Anglet Bordeaux Montalivet Verdon sur Mer Naujac sur Mer Grayan Lacanau Paris Soulac sur Mer


In the sections of this website you will be able to find practical information that you may need when visiting France including holiday advice, accommodation, guides and useful services with regard to information you will need if you are organising and planning your own trip.

But always remember you are an independent traveler.. so enjoy and have the time of your life..

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